Sunday, 20 May 2012

What the hell is that?

One of the best things about highlander is playing cards that aren't playable in other formats. I love people's reactions when I beat them with a card they've never seen before. What got me thinking about this was the 'underplayed good cards' section of my blog entries.

Decent cards can not see play for various reasons. Here are some that I thought of:
  • They're really bad against the best decks. e.g. I played Flickerwisp in White Weenie for it's entire life. (I've since shelved WW since Zendikar made Zoo too hard for WW to beat). Anyway, Flickerwisp was in the same format as Bitterblossom and Spectral Procession. I suppose you could argue, so was Vendilion Clique yet that still saw play... You know what I mean though.
  • Their may not have been good enough colour fixing in the block it was printed in. There are a few cards in this category that come to mind: Crosis Charm, Rith's Charm, Sedraxis Specter.
  • The card could be a tutor that had no good targets in the standard format it was printed in or there were no combos for it to help. e.g. Stonehewer Giant (last blog entries underplayed card) and Supply//Demand.
  • The card may simply never had a home, for example Dwarven Recruiter....ok he still doesn't have a home, but one day.
  • Some cards are made good by the nature of Highlander: Extract, Aven Mindcensor, Tainted Pact (still no deck that makes this card worth 2 points).
  • Conversely there are cards that are worse or hilariously bad due to the nature of highlander: Squadron Hawk, Rite of Flame, Intuition, Cloudpost.
I hope this blog entry sparks you to go through a skewed block and find a few cards that deserve play.

To include the 'card that is underplayed' section at this point would be redundant, but I'm gonna do it anyway!
Nature's Lore/Three Visits People play signets, and if you're green, these are signets on crack. Everyone knows about them but still they aren't getting played. However, the popularity of U control does dissuade people from ramp strategies (did I mention I'd like to see U and Zoo get another point here or there? :P)

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